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Welcome to St Edward’s Primary School.  Staff appointed here are sympathetic to the Christian ethos of the School.  This is briefly expressed in the joint aims of both St Edward’s schools as set down in the school prospectus.
  • lively faith and Christian values permeate all that is done
  • the unique qualities of each individual are appreciated and nourished so that the potential is fully realised, and
  • excellence is energetically pursued in all aspects of school life.
The schools aim to achieve happy, fulfilled communities within which and from which young people are able to live a rich, satisfying personal life with the desire to witness and contribute to society.

We achieve this by:
  • providing a rich, engaging, carefully planned curriculum to excite and enhance learning;
  • developing children’s confidence to embrace challenges, persevere and develop independence for all learning;
  • remembering that our Christian faith is central to all that we do;
  • communicating respectfully with every member of the school community, sharing our successes and embracing our challenges;
  • being an active part of our church and local community and provide opportunities for community spirit and engagement.