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We believe that children who come to St Edward’s have an excellent start to their education.

The warm and welcoming family feel of our school, coupled with our highly skilled staff and the high expectations we have of all who work and learn here, makes our school a special place to be.

Why St Edward's?

  • Ofsted rated 'Good' in May 2019 with the inspectors saying that 'there is effective teaching across the school... with strong subject knowledge and appropriate challenge for pupils, including the most able';
  • Our Church School Inspection (October 2019) rated us as ‘Excellent’ saying that ‘consistently high quality teaching ensures all, including the most vulnerable, make at least good, and often accelerated progress from their various starting points.
  • Our Key Stage 2 results in 2019 exceeded national averages in all areas;
  • Our children are polite, well mannered and very well behaved, with our strong Christian values permeating all we do, whilst still being inclusive of church and non-church attending families;
  • We offer wrap-around child care, with our breakfast and after school being available from 7:30am until 6pm.

As we understand what an important decision this is, we warmly invite you to come and see the school in action for yourselves. Please do not hesitate to contact the school office for information of future Open Days and/or school tours, and we are happy to arrange a time for you to come around on your own or with your family, you prefer.

More information can be found in our prospectus

As outlined below, we allocate a number of places to families that are not based on church attendance.

Our Nursery places are not currently based on church attendance. 

As a voluntary aided Church of England Primary school, St Edward’s follows has adopted its own admissions procedures.

The school has an admission number of 90 in Reception Year.

If under-subscribed, the school will admit all applicants. If oversubscribed, the school will admit children under two categories.

Group 1

72 places will be allocated to applicants based on church membership. Parents applying under this criterion must complete the Supplementary Information Form which is available below or from the school office.

Due to churches being closed due the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be taken into account when considering SIF forms. If you have any questions regarding this, please do contact the school office.

Group 2

18 places will be allocated to community applicants. Parents applying under this criterion do not need to complete the Supplementary Information form as well. For children admitted under this criterion, a specific or order of precedence has been written to decide which children are offered the places in which order. 



We would love to show you around our school. Please contact the school office to arrange a time that is suitable for yourselves to visit by calling on 01708 745971 or emailing contact@stedwardsva.net.

Below you can find more information on these processes. Further information, and copies of documents, can also be obtained by contacting the school office. Our admissions officer would be happy to support you in filling in the forms if this was needed.

Admissions Arrangements for 2020-2021

 Admissions Arrangements for 2021-2022Additional Notes for Parents

Additional Information- CTE Members ListAdditional Information- Guideline Notes for Ministers of Religion

Supplementary Information Form- Reception to Year 6

Nursery Application Form