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At St Edward’s we want our Computing Curriculum to prepare our children for a rapidly changing world through the use of technology. Our high-quality computing curriculum is designed to enable them to use computational thinking and creativity to further understand our world and develop children’s skills and knowledge in computing systems, data and information, programming and being able to create media online. We want our children to be able to recognise the technology around them, understand that technology is everywhere and acknowledge that it will play a pivotal part in students' lives. Therefore, we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We believe that high quality Computing lessons will inspire children to share their learning in creative ways and enter the world of technology confidently. Our curriculum contains progressive knowledge and skills and is in line with the national curriculum.



Computing is consistently taught for an hour a week in each class. There are clear links between knowledge being learned and equipping children to apply the knowledge of computing in the wider world. For example, in Year 4, the children have the skills and confidence to create and edit pictures, and by Year 6 children can use their knowledge of design combined with their programming skills to build a website.

The 4 core strands that will be given particular importance are- programming (coding), e-safety, creating media and computing systems and networks.

Our content areas are delivered through different topics, across each academic year. You can click on each topic to see the knowledge organiser for that topic, which shows, in more detail, the content that is covered. 

Aut 1

Computing Systems & Networks

Aut 2

Data & Information

Spr 1

Creating Media A


Spr 2

Creating Media B

Sum 1

Programming A

Sum 2



Year 1 E-Safety & Technology around us Grouping Data E-Safety & Digital Printing Digital Writing E-Safety & Moving a Robot Programming Animations
Year 2 E-Safety & Technology around us Pictograms E-Safety & Digital Photography Pictograms

E-Safety & Robot Algorithms

Programming Quizzes
Year 3

E-Safety & Connecting Computers

Branching Databases

E-Safety &



Desktop Publishing

E-Safety & Sequencing Sounds Events and actions in programs
Year 4 E-Safety & The internet

Data Logging

E-Safety & Audio Editing

Photo Editing  E-Safety & Repetition in Shapes Repetition in Games
Year 5

E-Safety & Sharing Information

Flat file Databases

E-Safety &

Video Editing

Vector Drawings

E-Safety & Selection in physical computing

Selection in quizzes
Year 6

E-Safety & Internet Communication

Introduction to Spreadsheets

E-Safety &

Webpage Creation

3D Modeling

E-Safety & Variables in Games




At St Edwards’s we desire our pupils to become fluent and confident users of technology and have a strong knowledge base in computing. By having a knowledge rich cross curricular computing curriculum rooted in programming (coding), creating media, e-safety and computing systems and networks, we are prepare the children to engage with the subject regardless of future changes in technology and giving opportunities to develop their technological skills and the ability to understand the wider computing world.

Our Computing Curriculum helps achieve our vision of Life in all its fullness by

  • Mind – Through the curriculum, we enable our pupils to grow in their knowledge and are able to revisit and deepen their understanding of each objective.
  • Body- Through the rapidly developing world, children will develop the confidence on using technology in their daily lives. They learn how to use technology in a what that protects their wellbeing and themselves. 
  • Heart – Children will be able to demonstrate our school values of friendship, responsibility and truthfulness by learning how to behave safely online. They will understand how to be responsible for their own actions online and what the effect of this could be.
  • Spirit- Our children will develop a sense of awe and wonder as their curiosities are awakened, through the exploration of the technological world.