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The aim of history teaching at St Edward’s Primary School is to encourage children to be curious about the past and to understand how the world has changed and developed. History helps our pupils to understand different societies and how the past has influenced life today in the UK and across the world.

At St Edward’s we are fortunate as a school not only to have rich historical roots, as we have been a school since 1710, but have the privilege to be based in such a rich historical town of Romford.  As a result of this, we intend for our pupils to be taught not only their local history but the world of history.


Pupils are taught about significant people, events and different aspects from British and world history. Chronology is taught across Key stage 1 and 2 so that pupils have a good understanding of different time periods. Pupils are inspired to think like historians by asking and answering questions, investigating and interpreting evidence and providing reasoned views. Lessons are planned on key enquiry questions and pupils have the opportunity to look at and analyse different artefacts to understand how and why evidence is used. All year groups have the opportunity to go on enriching trips to museums and galleries to achieve a better understanding of a period of history through studying primary sources and exhibits.

To supplement all of our rich history curriculum, during the year, we celebrate and commemorate important events from world history such as Remembrance Day. In October and throughout the year, our curriculum will also reflect the diversity of our school in order to help deepen the understanding on the theme.


History provides many cross curricular opportunities and helps students to make links across the different subjects studied. Pupils are expected to show that they can apply their literacy skills in their historical writing and use different historical terms to effectively communicate their ideas. Geography is also closely linked to history as pupils are expected to examine the relationships between different countries and in KS2 be able to locate different civilisations and explore the spread of empires.  Local history plays an important part in our history curriculum and pupils can use historical sources and fieldwork to explore how and why the local area has changed.

Our History Curriculum helps achieve our vision of Life in all its fullness by:

  • Mind- Through our curriculum we seek to introduce children to the best of what has been done, thought and said, linking to key individuals historically and currently. Units are chosen specifically to stretch children’s knowledge and skills development with a key focus on core historical terminology and understanding.
  • Body – through our history curriculum, we open the minds of our children to the realisation that the contribution to History is world-wide, diverse collaborative and very inclusive, hence building the self – esteem of every child and their overall well-being.  
  • Heart – through our curriculum we sequence knowledge effectively, ensuring that children have a good understanding of the impact key events and characters have had in history, which develop our values of respect, reverence and responsibility, thankfulness and forgiveness. These values are highlighted as we explore key strands and viewpoints of historians and enquiry in our History curriculum.
  • Spirit- Our children will develop a sense of awe and wonder as they are taught the impact choices of those before them have had and the need for them to use the lessons of the past to better the future, knowing that the bible tells us to forgive and to love each other.

You can see our History Learning Journey here:

The progression of the skills we learn can be seen here:

Curriculum Overview 

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 1 Gun Powder Plot

Great Explorers:

Francis Drake & Ellen MacArthur

Year 2 Queens: Lives & Times

Local Study:

Our Town- Romford

The Great Fire of London

Year 3

Stone Age - Iron Age Britain

The Ancient Greeks The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain
Year 4 The Anglo Saxons' Impact on Britain

The Ancient Egyptians

The Vikings

Year 5

The Tudors

Ancient Civilization Changing of Power in Britain
Year 6

Britain- Major Events

(1800- Present Day)

Early Islamic Civilisations

Local Study:

Our Town- Romford