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At St Edward’s music is a fundamental pillar within our school and arguably education as a whole. It is seen as a collective language that can trigger emotional responses and ignite creativity and curiosity like no other. It is a subject that, besides having enormous fundamental value in its own right, has far-reaching benefits that stretch way beyond the subject itself. We want our children to be studious musicians through learning an instrument which can help develop language, maths and cognitive skills, inspire creativity and exploration, enhance memory and coordination, encourage team work and develop social skills, instil discipline and perseverance, bring confidence through a sense of achievement and can be used as a way to relive stress at all stages of life.  



At St Edward’s our music curriculum will follow the national curriculum and will cause our children to be genuinely enthusiastic about music in all its forms; work confidently and competently with classroom percussion, keyboards and other instruments, including their voices; become innovative and capable musicians broadening their life opportunities. Children will understand clear links between their learning and real life – understanding how their developing knowledge and skills can be applied today, beyond school and in to adult life, including potential career paths.

Our children’s learning experience will be highly focused on composing, performing and appraising. Our curriculum will focus on improvisation, singing, reading and recording music in standard and non-standard forms. Children will be inspired by composers, both historic and current, locally and nationally. Children will be exposed to a wide range of genres and excellent examples of songs and pieces of these genres in order to create musical curiosity and develop a rich listening repertoire. There will be regular opportunities to compose using voice, real instruments and by using digital software in a range of styles. Children will listen to a wide range of music from around the world, past and present, and respond creatively.

Our curriculum will be delivered through activities that develop skills and knowledge in composition, performance, playing, improvising, singing, listening and appraising are carefully planned each half term for each year group. There is consistency in teaching and progression for each year group and for supporting and stretching groups and individuals.


Our music provision will be used to foster the skills of team work and imbed our values and faith ethos model used throughout our school. Children have regular opportunities to reflect, self-evaluate and make improvements to their work. Music at St Edwards’s underpins our mind, heart, body, spirit values. We believe Music will have a positive effect on all aspects of children's learning, engaging the wider community within the life of the school.

Through the evaluation of past and present music from all round the world, children will develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life, recognising that music makes an essential contribution to the culture, inspiration, capital and well-being of all communities.


Our Music Curriculum helps achieve our vision of Life in all its fullness by

  • Mind- As a result of high quality, specialist teaching; our children will have a good understanding of core knowledge and skills specified to enable them to progress from unit to unit: looking at the following areas of composing, performing, listening and appraising, singing, playing, performing and reading and writing standard notation.
  • Body – our children will develop confidence and experience the positivity of being empowered enough to take opportunities and build a good self-esteem, in order to positively impact every child’s well-being helping them to realise that there are no limits to what they can achieve. For example: public speaking, presentations and any unfamiliar social situations.  
  • Heart– Through our values of respect, friendship, kindness and trust we encourage our children to regularly work on group projects and compositions. In order to give regular opportunities to perform, record their music and self-evaluate, reflect upon, give feedback and improve their performance.
  • Spirit- through our music provision we intend to inspire our children by great composers and exceptional moments of awe and wonder through a variety of collective worship, collaborative composing and creative exploration.

Music Curriculum

 More information about the Progression of skills in Music can be seen here.