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A Surprise Visit 



What a wonderful day of unexpected learning in Nursery. We were so surprised to have a visit from a little bird in Nursery, and even more surprised when he decided to make friends with Mrs. Sillett. He climbed up Mrs. Sillett's arm and fell asleep on her back. All of the children were so excited to see the bird, and we decided to spend the whole day learning about birds, their habitats and how they make their nests. We went into forest school and worked together to try to recreate our own nests using leaves, sticks, twigs and grass. We placed the bird back into the trees so that he could fly away safely! Our Nursery children had such a fantastic day learning and exploring!


May be an image of lovebird

May be an image of 7 people

May be an image of 6 people and grass

May be an image of 3 people and pinecone