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Weekly Newsletter

Friday, 21st January 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you have had a positive week. In school this week we have been looking at our school value of 'Friendship'. We have been reminding ourselves of the example Jesus set to 'Love your neighbour as yourself'. We are so blessed to have a school where our children live by this teaching in all they do and genuinely care for each other. 


This week we have continued to see a steady, yet small, trickle of COVID-19 cases. Despite the government's announcement on Wednesday regarding the relaxing of restrictions, we are going to continue to take a cautious approach in school and not make any changes in the near future until we can reflect on local and national trends. We have continued to have a number of staff absent from school which has put a real stretch on our staffing capacity. I am, however, immensely grateful to our staff who have stepped up to support, cover and help out wherever they can. We are so very fortunate to have a staff team who are incredibly committed to our school and to our children in all that they do.


A few notices for the coming weeks...


Parent Governor Election

A big 'Thank You' to all of our candidates and the parents who voted in our recent election. I am very pleased to announce that Georgina Smartt has been elected as your new parent governor. We look forward to welcoming Georgina to the governing body.


I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the governors, to say a huge thank you to Antonia Edghill, our outgoing parent governor, for the hard work and commitment she has put in during her term of office. Antonia has been a key part in helping to steer the school through a period of change in the last few years and her expertise and insight has been invaluable. 


Breakfast Club Procedures

Please remember that you should walk your child all the way to the hall door and register them with our morning staff each day. If you arrive at 7.30 when the gate is opened, our staff will take them into the hall for you. Please also remember that all children should be booked in via ParentPay. 


Extra-Curricular Clubs

We have taken the decision, sadly, not to relaunch staff-led extra-curricular clubs this term. We are aware that our staff capacity is very stretched at the moment and therefore we would be unable to offer a large range of clubs this term without adding additional workload to our staff, whose first and foremost priority is continuing to provide excellent education for their classes. Outside providers will continue as normal. We are hoping and expecting to resume the clubs for the summer term.



Parents in Year 1 to Year 6 will have received and email yesterday regarding swimming donations. We are very grateful to those parents who have already actioned this. If you have not already made your child's donation, you can do so by going to ParentPay.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and enjoy time with those you love.

Kind regards,

Chris Speller

Head Teacher