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Friday, 14th January 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you have had a positive week and that you have all stayed safe and well. It has been great to see our children so focused and engaged with their work around school this week. As part of our school evaluation processes, this week we have been meeting with all class teachers to review the progress that children in their classes have made. It has been encouraging to see the work children have been doing and how they have been really making the most of their sustained time back in school. When we look back at children's work over the last term, we are so proud of how far they have come and the hard work and commitment all our staff have put in to ensure every day is valuable learning. We hope, as part of our parents' evenings in March, parents will be able to see their children's work for themselves. We will update with you more information about this nearer the time.


In our collective worship this week, we reflected on the new year and how this gives us an opportunity to look forward and backwards, with thankfulness, knowing that God was with us in 2021 and goes with us into 2022. We have encouraged the children to think about the choices they are going to make in this new year to ensure this year can be the best it can be for both themselves as well as those around them, so we can all strive to live life in all its fullness. Why not ask your child what they choose to do this year! 


Please see a few notices below for this coming week:


Squid Accounts

Please ensure that your child(ren)s Squid accounts are topped up. Any outstanding balances have to be paid by the school and therefore also incur our admin staff significant time in trying to chase up these debts with parents.


Reception Applications

Applications for school places for children starting in Reception close, nationally, tomorrow (Saturday 15th January). 


Parent Governor Election

Voting for our parent governor election closes today. We hope to inform you of your new parent governor at the start of next week. 


Lost Property

Subject to good weather, we will be displaying the remaining, unnamed lost property from last term outside of school on Monday. Any left over clothes will be disposed of/donated/recycled after this day. 



Thank you for continuing to work with us to keep our school safe at this time. Please continue to engage in LFT testing and be observing your children for any COVID symptoms. If your child(ren) are away from school, please do let us know at the earliest possible opportunity. 


Thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement and prayers.

Kind regards,

Chris Speller

Head Teacher