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Weekly Update: Friday 11th September.



Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope this email finds you well. We will be resuming our normal weekly newsletter from next week, but I thought I would send you a letter in the meantime.


I firstly would like to thank you for your warm words and encouragement this week. Reopening the school in such a different way has certainly been a challenge, but we really appreciate the support you have given.  We had listened to feedback and made tweaks along the way, but I thank you for bearing with us while we continue to refine our processes.


Drop off and pick up seem to have become much smoother, now everyone knows where they are going.  Whilst I understand there may be more walking for some parents, we are trying to do this to ensure we keep a one-way system and ensure everyone is safe. Thank you for supporting us in sticking to this route.  A reminder that we would like to emphasise the importance of keeping your distance from other adults while walking around our one-way system and that adults are welcome to wear masks when walking around the site.


The children have settled into school fantastically this week. There has been a real buzz around school and children are getting stuck straight back into their learning.  It has been great to see behaviour expectations re-established and the school, already, feeling so calm and purposeful.


Today we welcomed our new Nursery children into school and all of our Reception children. I know this often an emotional time for new parents (including myself seeing the youngest of my children going into our Nursery today!) but it has been fantastic to see their smiles, hear their laughs and see them settle so well.  We look forward to them being in for a full week next week.


Earlier this week you should have received your child’s Year Group letter, containing key information.  We wanted to send these out as soon as possible, to get that information to you, but I am aware that we were not overly clear as to when children should begin coming in wearing their PE kits, so I do apologise for that.  All children should be wearing these on their PE day from next week and when Swimming starts, for Years 3-6, from the week after.


A number of parents have asked me about extra-curricular clubs. Due to restrictions on mixing bubbles, and due to us now having to use the hall for Breakfast and After School club, we will not be offering extra-curricular clubs until after half term, at the earliest.  This will give us time to resettle into school routines.


Our PTA school uniform sale has been incredibly popular and has saved lots of people time and money, as well as being great for the environment.  We have a particular shortage of white polo shirts and PE t-shirts, so if you have any of these tops at home that no longer fit your child(ren), please bring them into school, washed and in good condition,


A reminder that, whilst our office is closed, you can buy uniform from our ParentPay shop: https://app.parentpay.com/ParentPayShop/Uniform/Default.aspx?shopid=1081 There is a link to this on the ‘Quick Links’ tab on our school website.


We have vacancies in school for Midday Assistants and a cleaner.  If you would like to apply for either of these posts please apply via the Havering School Jobs Website: www.haveringschools.jobs


If you have any other questions, please speak to one of us at the start of the end of the day or email the school office.


Thank you once again to you, and our wonderful staff, for making this first week back so successful.


Kind regards and many blessings,

Chris Speller

Head Teacher