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Welcome back Year 2!


Dear Parents/Carers,


It has been great to welcome back your children to school.  They have been adjusting and settling in Year 2 very well.  We have really enjoyed welcoming them back and have started learning together.


We wanted to contact you to give you some key information about the coming weeks in school.


PE & Swimming

This term, all classes will be having their PE lessons on Thursday.  On this day children will be expected to come into school in their PE kits.  This includes: navy blue P.E shorts and sky-blue t-shirt (with printed school badge).  They should also be wearing black plimsolls.  If it is cold, please feel free to allow your child to wear their school navy blue tracksuit jumper and bottoms, (with school badge printed), ensuring they have their PE t-shirt underneath their jumper.  Please ensure these requirements are stuck to as we will be contacting parents where the incorrect uniform is worn.


Children in Key Stage 1 will not be swimming during the Autumn Term, as we are aware that the younger children require closer, more personal, support in getting changed, which we cannot do at the moment.  We hope that swimming for younger children will resume in January.


Homework and Reading Books

Homework will be sent out on a Friday afternoon and will be expected to be brought back into school the following Wednesday.  We are continuing our format of having 9 boxes from which children will choose one to complete.  Spellings are given out every week and will be related to the sounds being taught in their phonics lessons.


Reading books will be given to the children on a Monday morning and will change them the following Monday.  Children will not be changing books throughout the week due to us needing to quarantine the books after use.  We will not be using reading records at this time.


As a result, children will only need to bring their school bags in on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to take their reading books home.  On all other days, this is optional.  Please ensure that children are bringing the correct school bags.


Water bottles, Pencil Cases and moisturiser.

Children are expected to bring a labelled water bottle into school.  These will be returned home each day to be cleaned and refilled.


Children are welcome to bring in a small plain pencil case to have and will remain in school.  We will be providing stationery for children to use, but we are aware some children enjoy having their own additional equipment.


Children are encouraged to bring a small, labelled pot of hand moisturiser to keep on their desks.  This will be kept in school once bought in.


Our Curriculum this term

Attached to this email is our Curriculum map for Autumn 1.  We are particularly looking forward to reading our literacy book for the half term called ‘Traction Man’ in which children will learn how to use commas in a list, expanded noun phrases and different sentence types including, questions, commands and exclamations.  Children will be writing adventure stories and letters.  Children are expected to be able to form a sentence correctly with full stops and capital letters.


Communication & the office

Please do ensure your contact details are up to date with the school office.  We will be posting pictures of some of the exciting things we are doing on our school website and Facebook page, so please do follow us on there.


The office remains ‘Closed’ to visitors and therefore please communicate with the school by phone or email (contact@stedwardsva.net)


If you would like to discuss anything with us, as class teachers, you are very welcome to arrange a time to do so.  Please note that, due to encouraging effective social distancing, we may not be able to have longer conversations with parents at the start/end of the day, so please do book in a time with the office if you wish to make contact with us.


Despite school being different to normal, we very much look forward to the year ahead and working hard in all areas of our curriculum.  We have a good team of teachers to support your children including Mrs Boreham and Miss Burns who will be assisting the year group each day.


Kind regards,


Miss Pearce (Year Group Leader), Mrs Butler, Mrs Smith and Miss Saint

Year 2 Team



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