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Sports Week 2020

Virtual Sports Day/Week is an opportunity to take on a series of physical activity challenges and earn points for your class! Our aim is to get as many people involved as possible during the week.

In total there will be 6 challenges that you will have the opportunity to compete in. They should be challenges you can complete simply at home.

You do not have to perform the activities in order or on one day but the aim is to complete as many as possible throughout the week, either timed or to maximum, depending on the activity. The class who average the best results points will receive a prize in the new year! Here is Mr Inayat, explaining more....

Finally, please spread the word and get as many people involved as possible.

You can record your results on our Google form here .... we also would love you to send a photo of your favourite activity OR use PicCollage (a free app) to make a collage of a few!


Challenge #1 - Run Like Mo

Walk, jog or run any distance you like and time yourself. Capture a screenshot of the time and distance.

Here is Miss Saint demonstrating.... 


Challenge #2 - Flip Stop

Try this bottle flipping challenge! The form with the greatest overall number of bottle flips in 30 seconds wins, but the individual with the best effort will gain bonus points.


Challenge #3 - Catch me if you can

How many times can you throw the ball against a wall and catch it in 30 seconds?


Challenge #4 - Plank it up

Have a go at this plank challenge. How long can you last in a plank? Here is Miss Pearce demonstrating...


Challenge #5 - Juggle like a Jester

Have you ever wanted to work in the circus? Have a go at this juggling challenge! Here, Mr Reeves demonstrates...


Challenge #6 - Squat Supreme

How long can you last in the squat sitting position. Here is Miss John demonstrating...