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Year 4 2021

Home Learning Packs 

Weeks beginning 4th January and 11th January 

Home Learning Pack


18th January to 12th February

Home Learning Pack 2 - Part 1 

Home Learning Pack 2 - Part 2


Weeks beginning 22nd February and 1st March

Home Learning Pack


4EH Home Learning Pack Week beginning 29th March

Home Learning Pack and lesson resources

I Was a Rat chapters 

I Was a Rat! book 


I Was A Rat! by Philip Pullman 

Read by Mr Speller 


Monday  22nd February 

Chapter 1: I Was A Rat! 

Chapter 2: The Privy 

Chapter 3: The City Hall  

Chapter 4: The Orphanage 

Tuesday 23rd February 

Chapter 5:  The Police Station  

Chapter 6: The Hospital 

Chapter 7: School  

Chapter 8: No Escape 

Chapter 9: A Curious and Interesting Case  

Wednesday 24th February 

Chapter 10: A Philosophical Investigation  

Chapter 11: Mr Tapscrew 

Chapter 12: Where's He Gone?

 Thursday 25th February 

Chapter 13: You Want Em' Nauseated  

Chapter 14: A Load of Old Cod  

Friday 26th February 

Chapter 15: The Wonder of The Age  


Monday 1st March 

Chapter 16: Goose Weather  

 Chapter 17: Well, Where's He Gone? 

Tuesday 2nd March 

Chapter 18: The Sharp Article  

Chapter 19: Removals  

Wednesday 3rd March 

Chapter 20: Who's That?  

Chapter 21: A Pair of Old Trams  

Thursday 4th March 

Chapter 22: Hunched and Malevolent, Radiating Pure Evil  

Chapter 23: The Freedom of The Press  

Friday 5th March 

Chapter 24: Don't be Deceived  

Chapter 25: Our Children Are in Danger